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Welcome to the online platform of our wider community of artists and volunteers who help preserve our traditional art for future generations. Art watches International is an online network of artists who display, exhibit, and sell their art around the world.
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Berkshire Museum Art Goes To Auction

The Berkshire Museum sold art of Norman Rockwell and other artists recently to spread the culture. The museum also fought the court challenges recently for its financial rights while the community became active on social media.
What we do to support world

A dream in their mind is our mission

Treating Artifacts

Join the workshop to treat the old artifacts and preserve them for the future.

Preserving Collections

Enjoy exploring the collections of the museum that are preserved for the future.

Providing Education

Our workshops for education create awareness for valuing our artists and culture.
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Collaborate for rally support


Conservation Treatment

We use the best methods to preserve the art pieces. We apply damage-free coatings to help preserve the artifacts for a longer time.

Fundraising Assistance

Our next fundraising program is expected to take place after the pandemic situation comes under control.

Digitization & Reproduction

With the upcoming technologies and room for improvement, we will be making several changes to our premises.

Our Mission

Learn about our upcoming plans related to the presence of our art while implementing the best practices with futuristic technology and the support of our community members. The new upgrades will bring new challenges that we will overcome together.

Our Team

Greg L Tran

Lupe W Amaya

David J Crews

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